Jason Wiedel talks with Mike McHargue about his scientific approach to God and his new book Finding God in the Waves.

Mike hosts the weekly podcast, Ask Science Mike. He is also a co-host of The Liturgists Podcast. His unique approach to spirituality has made Mike a respected voice in contemporary conversations about the Christianity and our relationship to God.
July 11, 2016

Sermon on Racism

This is a recording of Jason Wiedel's sermon on racism from July 10, 2016. It was delivered to an all white congregation. 

Brian McLaren is an innovative and often controversial thinker in both Evangelical and Progressive Christianity. He has been called one of the "Most Influential Evangelicals in America," as well as a false teacher and a heretic. Brian has written over 20 books on a variety of topics.

Brian McLaren's passion for the environment is evident in this interview. He feels strongly that it is the Christian's responsibility to take the lead in environmental responsibility.

Anna Jane Joyner is an environmental activist. Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina she became very concerned about mountaintop removal. Anna Jane also grew up in the evangelical, charismatic Christian world as the daughter of Pastor Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries. This has made her especially well equipped to speak to Christians about their responsibilities to care for the earth.

Follow Anna Jane on Twitter @AnnaJaneJoyner

Jason Wiedel, his wife Della, and Chis Williams discuss the recent God's Not Dead sequel as well as their impressions of faith films in general.

Jason Wiedel talks about the environment with Brian McLaren, Dr. Leah Scade, Anna Jane Joyner, and Dustin White.

Leah Schade

Dustin White

Anna Jane Joyner

Amena Brown is a spoken word poet. During this interview Amena and Jason Wiedel talk about art in the church, performance vs ministry, and the expectations of Christian artists.

Parts of this interview can also be heard on the "Art & Christianity" episode.

Normally we discuss a specific film on this podcast, but this time its an interview with Gareth Higgins. This is a fascinating discussion of film and faith, and the way movies shape the way we see the world.

Check out GarethHiggins.net for more from our guest including his exciting work producing the Movies & Meaning festival.

Poet Amena Brown, activist/performers Jay Beck and Tevyn East, and founder of the Movies & Meaning festival Gareth Higgins talk about art and its relationship to Christianity. We talk about the artist's struggle to create within the church, the different forms art can take, and art's ability to change the world.

Mitchell Jones is a gay pastor who lives in Virginia. He tells his story in a new book called Coming Out: A Journey to Authenticity.

This is an extended version of the interview included in the Gay & Christian Identity episode.

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