Jason Wiedel talks with Mike McHargue about his scientific approach to God and his new book Finding God in the Waves.

Mike hosts the weekly podcast, Ask Science Mike. He is also a co-host of The Liturgists Podcast. His unique approach to spirituality has made Mike a respected voice in contemporary conversations about the Christianity and our relationship to God.
July 11, 2016

Sermon on Racism

This is a recording of Jason Wiedel's sermon on racism from July 10, 2016. It was delivered to an all white congregation. 

Amena Brown is a spoken word poet. During this interview Amena and Jason Wiedel talk about art in the church, performance vs ministry, and the expectations of Christian artists.

Parts of this interview can also be heard on the "Art & Christianity" episode.

Raborn Johnson is a co-host of the Beyond the Box podcast as well as the creator of the Mundane Revolution. During this interview Raborn talks about his extensive project examining the death penalty in America. The stories and insights he reveals are both revealing and heart-wrenching.

Parts of this interview can be heard in the Peace & Nonviolence episode.

Check out Raborn's  death penalty project at TheMundanRevolution.com.
Listen to Beyond the Box at BeyondtheBoxPodcast.com.

Hear the whole extended interview with Brad Gross and Scott Matkovich. This is a fascinating conversation about the state of Christianity. Parts of this interview were included in the "Talking About Jesus Outside the Church" episode.

This is an extended version of the interview with Micky ScottBey Jones included in the "Racism & Christianity" episode. Now you can hear more of Micky's incredibly insightful thoughts on race, the church, and the things we can be doing to bring healing.


Do you want to hear more from Pastor Brian Zahnd? This is the extended version of the interview featured on the Peace & Nonviolence episode. Pastor Zahnd is amazingly insightful and extremely interesting.

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